Swaarm Website Redesign


Update the existing website

Product Designer (UX / UI)


  • Design conversion-focused Home page.
  • Follow the existing brand book.
  • It will revamp old pages, and we want to make it into a more modern and user friendly
  • Design a compelling interface to generate more leads
  • The sales page should be more engaging and trustworthy to a new visitor
  • Navigation needs to be user-friendly.


I also needed to understand their business better, so I researched their company. They operate in the SaaS, Martech platform business, track advertising campaigns, and make the data and multiple performance campaign management tools available to advertisers, agencies, and affiliate networks.

Understand the Problem

Research Goals

I began by creating a Research Plan that would help me:

1. Identify the needs of users about getting detailed analytics.

2. Identify the necessary limitations to understand user needs.

With these goals in mind, I want to discover how to create a user-centred design. 


Secondary Research

To better understand how users can get good performance for their business.

Competitive Analysis

To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of other competitors. 

User Interviews

It will provide insight into the goals and frustrations of users and if frustrations relate to the inability to get analytics for their business.

Competitive Analysis

User Interviews

I got a perfect idea about the user’s goal and frustration. It helped me a lot to understand their need.

  • Need detailed analytics for the business
  • Application management should be easy
  • Detailed reports will be great
  • Everything should be automated
  • Analytics is not well organized
  • Huge applications make it harder to manage
  • Do not get focused reports
  • Everything needs to do manually



Define Stage

Ensure brand safety and higher conversion rates for our partners by leveraging Swaarm’s integrated click and postback shield. It gives you complete control over your traffic, including options to filter events in real time. Unlike other tracking platforms, we want to top tech infrastructure that allows us to spend less on expensive data storage – and offer clients a premium platform at a fraction of the cost. As a result, businesses of all sizes, from global companies to boutique agencies, can afford to use Swaarm to optimize their campaigns.

Design Stage


In this part, I have created sketches for the website. After that, pages are made according to research.

Low-Fi wireframe
Lo fi for swaarm
Lo fi for swaarm
High fidality Design

Prototype &Test

Hi-Fidelity Prototyping

Now that my design is finalized, I am ready to move on to the usability testing stage. The task of to sign up, add funds, pay bills and send funds request from members.

Usability Testing

I drafted a Usability Test Plan to prepare for my facilitation of the user testing.

Test Objectives

To check if the interface is better for users’ business.

Test Subject

The High-fidelity prototype for the website checks users’ behaviour and whether they can perform their tasks efficiently.


Five participants want to use an upgraded platform to help their business grow.

According to these heat maps, participants could perform

their tasks efficiently. For example, they can create their profile, create a campaign, get analytics and reports, and see the difference.

Key Findings

All participants were able to complete the tasks successfully. Generally, participants found it more effective to create campaigns from this platform, get detailed reports, and get outstanding performance for their business.

Moderated participants rated the level of easiness for performing their task as 100%. 

I got some suggestions also. I plan to implement those suggestions in my design in the next version.

Few comments:

“Great platform to grow my business.”

“WOW! It is a game-changer. Get everything within this platform that I need to run my business.”

“It provides me a detailed report to understand my business.”


Next Steps

I will update some designs according to user feedback. Then, hopefully, the website will be more accessible to them.

Final Thoughts

Creating a more engaging interface that converts many leads was a great challenge. We will take users’ feedback and will continue the iterative process.